About the Company

Julianus is a leading debt collection service provider in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We are also represented in all Nordic countries and 16 countries in Europe via our partners. Our services are used by private persons as well as different companies and public sector organisations who all want to be successful and efficient in their principal activities. Julianus has been operating in the area of debt and credit management for 22 years, which makes us one the most experienced debt management company in Baltics.

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Debt Collection services

We only initiate proceedings on the claims of our clients under the "No Win, No Fee" arrangement, which means that we only account for the debt collection proceedings fee on the claim if our proceedings are successful.

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Representation in legal and enforcement proceedings

We are the law firm with the most court practise in Lithuania. We represent clients in extra-judicial and legal disputes, and in the enforcement proceedings of debts.

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Debt purchase services

Julianus is an experienced and valued purchaser of debts. We have purchased over half a million individual debts.

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Partners and clients – About us

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In the process of recovering overdue payments, Julianus Inkaso gives individual attention to each of our clients, negotiating follows good debt practices and ethical standards, identifies and applies the most appropriate means to achieve effective results. (credit and risk control manager)

Linas Marcinkevičius

UAB „Tele2“

Credit and Risk Control Manager

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We have been entrusted with the management of late payments to “Julianus Inkaso”. Our selection was driven by the quality of services provided by “Julianus Inkaso” attractive pricing principles and special attention to our customers. (debt management manager)

Aušrinė Kazirskytė

UAB „Bitė Lietuva“

Debt Management Manager

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After assignment of overdue payments to Julianus Inkaso, we know that we will have an excellent debt recovery results because the company use the right IT platform and has proper knowledge of the debt management process. (director)

Petras Zurlys




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We are competitive in the market, and, without a doubt, will provide the most favourable conditions for both you and your debtor. We can take over your debt for collection or purchase your debt at ...

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Over this entire period, the company has grown steadily and gained the trust of regular customers. Valuable experience, skilled employees, new IT capabilities, innovation and flexibility have all c...

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